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westeroshigh's Journal

.Westeros High.
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Welcome to Westeros High!
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Welcome to Westeros High! This is a high school based roleplay that features the characters of Geroge R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. They are completely taken out of canon and thrown into a private school instead. I'm sure crack will ensue. There is no longer a monarchy with kings and queens, rather it is a school filled with what one would normally find within. A monarchy made up of socialites, party kids, emo teenagers, nerds, punks, whatever. I mean, we all know Sandor is that sad kid that sits in the corner, and Cersei is the school slut- yeah? Teachers are welcome to be played here as well.

Read the rules below and have a blast.


1. There is a character limit of three per person. This is to try and quota the number of characters hogged by a single person, and please give each equal play time.
2. There will be periodical checks for journal posts and log posts. Just to know you're still alive.
3. IC=/= OOC. Please keep all out of character drama OUT of character. But in character drama is greatly encouraged, hehe.
4. There is character death allowed, but you must clear it with that other player.
5. Your character can be played from canon or out of canon. If the Eddard you are playing does not have children and is high school aged, the Sansa, Jon, Robb ect. should not view Eddard as their father. Though if he is played as a teacher or staff, his canon children could be his children in character as well. It all depends on each players preference. Historical characters can also be played. No OC's, though. I'm sorry. If you have more questions, visit the FAQ.
6. Any character is allowed, but no crows >:
7. Don't godmod, powerplay, or anything. Anything that could directly effect another character, please ask the player of that other character.
8. Please introduce yourself in westerosooc after being accepted.


westeroshigh - The main community. FAQ, reserves, taken, application, and introduction to the roleplay is here. There will also be news updates here.



Taken Characters


westerosooc - This is where introductions can take place. Introduce yourself and your character, even.

westeroslogs - This is where the main roleplaying will take place. Read the sample log and if you have any questions please post in the FAQ post, I will get back to you as soon as I can.